Cambridge Tang Soo Do

Cambridge Tang Soo Do Club was formed in October 2003, and is a part of Great Britain Tang Soo Do, in Region 11 of the World Tang Soo Do Association. The classes are taught by Mrs L. Allen a licensed 4th Dan instructor in Tang Soo Do, first aid qualified and CRB checked.

Class Timetable

Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.30 pm Impington Sports Centre, CB24 9LX (map)
Fridays 6.30 - 8.00 pm Impington Sports Centre, CB24 9LX (map)
Sunday Advanced Class (Fortnightly)
(brown belts and above)
11.00 am - 1.00 pm North Cambridge Academy (formerly Manor Community College) Sports Centre, CB4 2JF (map)

Students from the Club have competed in the British Regional, National and European Championships on a number of occasions since the Club was formed, winning many gold, silver and bronze trophies.

List of club Gup members
List of club Dan members

Annual Club Awards

Hall of Fame

Classes are taught in a formal style and consist of a warm up, drills for hand and foot combinations, pad work, hyungs, one step sparring, self defence, free sparring, and weapons. Tang Soo Do is a semi contact martial art with the emphasis on focus and control.

Classes are for all adults of all ages and juniors from 7 years upwards, our clubs are family orientated with an emphasis on discipline, and respect. Students ranked brown belt and above are also welcome to attend the Sunday morning advanced class. We also run a Tiny Tigers class for children aged 4 to 7.

New students are always welcome - your first lesson is free, just come along to any of the classes listed above. No special clothing is required for beginners, just wear something comfortable for exercising such as jogging bottoms and a T-shirt.

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If you need any further information, please call Master Mrs Allen on 07787 552118 or email us.